Second Hand Safes

Huge range of second hand safes on Display. Changes regularly so be sure to come in and have a look

Samson, wakeford brothers Townsville

Samson Safe

This safe is not for sale. But it is a beautiful example of an old safe restored to its former glory. The safe was originally sold by Wakeford Bros in Townsville

armaguard, lock up, cash deposit safe

Lord Cash Compartment safe

Separate lock up cash compartments inside. Armaguard Safe

Tank / Armaguard TH3 High Security Safe

This high security safe has dual access with a time delay. There are two lockable drawers and separate lockable section with dual access inside the safe. This safe is perfect for businesses who use Armaguard for cash delivery.

We currently have several of these in stock

CMI SAD Commercial Safe

High quality and secure commercial grade safe with digital lock.

Lord Firemaster

Key and dial combination. Fire rated home safe.


Old school Ajax safe still with original keys. Lockable drawer inside with key.

CMI S3 Security Safe

CMI S3 security safe with 2 lockable drawers. Dial Combination. Large storage and good quality