Saw Doctor

Saw Doctor

Our talented saw doctor can sharpen anything from small hairdressers scissors up to large printer knives or metal cut saws. His expert eye means your work will have a professional quality finish that will cut what ever surface you are requiring cut.

Chain saw

Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional arbor, we can sharpen your chain so it slices through timber like melted butter.


We can sharpen Tungster Carbide tipped saw blades and replace any broken teeth.

Rotor Broaches

Our machines will sharpen rotor broaches, from small up to large ones and tungsten carbide tipped as well. We can also sharpen drill bits and chisels.

Printers Knive

From hobby artists up to large scale professional guillotine blades. We can sharpen your knife so it cuts with precision every time

Hand saws

Hand saws, tenor saws, crosscut saws. Sharpening and resetting we can sharpen and restore your favourite hand saw or sharpen bulk saws for schools or institutions.


Our sawdoctoring department is steeped in history. Many of our staff have been expertly trained through 5 generations of saw doctoring. We can sharpen specialty saws, big saws, little saws and old saws.


We can sharpen these and many more:


  • hand saws
  • metal cut saws
  • TCT blades
  • band saws
  • printer knives
  • scissors
  • pruning saws
  • clippers
  • rotor broaches and drill bits
  • chisels
  • chain saws