Safe Services

We have Townsville's biggest range of safes on display in our shop at 549 Flinders Street Townsville. We also offer a range of services including:

  • Safe sales and installation
  • Safe servicing
  • Safe repairs
  • Combination manipulation
  • Changing combinations
  • Finding combinations lost when changing
  • Forced opening for lost combination or faulty safes
  • Unusual openings and high security safes
  • Manifoil servicing and approved work
  • Safe removal, storage or relocation

Fire Protection

Norm Hyatt Locksmith stock a range of Fire resistant safes designed for record protection. Our range includes Yale Certified, Gunnebo securedoc and Lord Diplomat safes. These safes offer one hour fire protection for your documents and valueables. They all come with bolt down holes and digital keypads. These safes offer a relatively small theft protection on the theft protection scale.

Theft Protection

These safes are designed to protect your valuables from theft. They range from small safes with small digital keypads to high quality steel fabricated safes with high security safe locks. The safes are available with either key, digital, 3 wheel combination or fingerprint biometric locks. They have bolt down holes in the floor and back of the safes and can be mounted to the wall if required. They offer little fire protection but can be rated to offer up to $5000.00 insurance rating. (recommended insurance level rated on security of safes).

Theft and Fire Protection

For complete protection of your valuables Norm Hyatt Locksmith offer a superb range of CMI safes which offer half hour fire protection and $10000.00 insurance rating. These safes are available with either Ross 600 lever key locks, Sargent and Greenleaf 3 wheel combination locks, LaGard digital locks or Ross Biometric Fingerprint scanners. They have bolt down holes and removable shelves in the bigger safes.

Commercial Safes

For the Business or Office Norm Hyatt Locksmith offer a range of commercial grade safes. These safes are manufactured with a high security Torch and Drill Resistant composition. They offer 1 hour fire protection and from $10000.00 to $45000.00 insurance rating. They have bolt down holes, removable shelves and some have lockable drawers. The security features include heavy 25mm diameter boltwork and internal glass and relockers.

Bankers Safe

Building a Bank?  Perhaps you just want the ultimate in protection for you valualbles. Norm Hyatt Locksmtih can supply Bankers Quality safes. The name speaks for itself with one hour fire rating and a $100,000.00 insurance rating these safes can withstand attack from Oxyacetelene, drill and abrasive, explosive force and pneumatic tool forced entries.

Strongroom Doors

Builders take note. If you are building a house or perhaps commercial premises and require a bit of security why not build a strongroom. Norm Hyatt Locksmith can supply strongroom doors and frames in a range of sizes and security levels.

Data Safes

Data safes offer your data and records protection from fire. During a fire the material in fire resistant safes condensates to protect against the heat. These safes have a separate section inside the safe which also protects from the condensation. Perfect for records or cd's or keeping your business's important data safe.

Cash Deposit Safes

Norm Hyatt Locksmiths can offer a large range on cash deposit safes. From Mini under the counter safes to high security cash management safes. They come with a range of features including custom deposit chutes, separate lock up sections or time delay locks. Staff can deposit money quickly and easily and safely without having access to the safe.

Drug safe

Norm Hyatt Locksmith can supply Drug Safes to meet State legislation requirements. 12mm Steel plate door with deadlocking Ross 6 lever key operated lock. Able to be mounted to walls.

Gun Safes

Australian Gun laws require all guns to be locked away. If you want to be sure that you are meeting requirements check out our range of pistol and rifle safes. From small lock away pistol safes to large multi rifle safes with separate ammunition compartments Norm Hyatt Locksmiths have you covered.

Inground Safe

Before you build your next home, come and check out our range of inground safes. These safes can be cemented into your slab and hidden away where no one will ever know you have a safe. Available in a range of sizes and depths and security levels. These safes are also fire resistant.

Chubb safes

Norm Hyatt Locksmiths are Premier Chubb Dealers. We carry a range of Chubb safes including the new Elements range which covers your needs from basic security to theft and fire security.


Check out how to open a chubb air safe on youtube

Lord Safes

We have a range of Lord Safes Including the Diplomat range and the Nugget range and inground safes.

Yale, safe, digital safe, data safe, fire safe,

Yale Safe

We Carry a range of Yale safes. These offer 1 hour fire protection and the convenience of a digital lock

B Safe

We also Carry the B Safe range. These safes are economical, small and easy to use. We also offer the B safe pistol and gun safes

Key Cabinets

Do you have lots of keys you need to keep organised and secure? Or perhaps you just want to lock your keys up at home so no one can steal them. Norm Hyatt Locksmiths have a huge range of key cabinets ranging from just a couple keys capacity up to hundreds of key capacity. These are available in digital or key lockable and able to be mounted on the wall.

Second Hand safes

Check out our range of second hand safes. The range changes regularly.


Quality Safes Constructed in Sydney. Norm Hyatt Locksmith's carry a range of CMI safes from small wall and domestic safes to fire rated Domestic and Commercial TDR safes right up to Bankers Quality safes and Strongroom doors.


We are proud stockist of Chubb Secureline, Proteq and the new Elements Range

Lord Diplomat

We also stock a range of Lord and Diplomat safes from small residential to commercial and Filing cabinets.